Best Snack for Weight-conscious Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is a food group. I really believe this. But when I began really sticking to my Weight Watchers program a little over a year ago, I had to make some adjustments to my chocolate intake. I’m now a lifetime Weight Watchers member (which means I hit my goal weight and have maintained it), and I owe part of my success to these:

Weight Watchers Whitman's candies pecan crowns

Weight Watchers Whitman's candies pecan crowns

These chocolates, made by Whitman’s Candies, are prepared to fit into the Weight Watchers program. They are 1 point per piece, and they are sold in 3-ounce bags that have six pieces at Walgreens for about $3. I’ve also seen them at all the major grocery stores in my area and I’ve occasionally found them in packages of two in the candy bar aisle. They’re really tasty, and they don’t seem to have some of the negative side effects I’ve discovered with some of the other “diet candies.”
I like to throw a couple of these into my purse when going to the movies so that when my kids are munching on Junior Mints or M&Ms, I’ve got my chocolate fix, too.  I also try to keep one or two in the diaper bag for chocolate emergencies.
You should try them.

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