Car Accident Puts Things in Perspective

While driving my baby to Mom’s Day Out yesterday, I wrecked my minivan.


I was driving around a curve on Strecker Road in Wildwood, MO, when I encountered an SUV coming the other direction that had crossed the center line.  I swerved to the right to avoid the SUV, and my right front tire went off the road.  I swerved to the left, overcompensated, lost control and my minivan went careening across the road, between a tree and telephone pole and into the ditch.

I found out today that the van is totaled. You can’t really see the damage in the picture because it’s all on the driver’s side, but the glass broke out of the windows on that side, the roof buckled, etc.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that my baby was completely unharmed (she was in back on the passenger side in her Britax Marathon carseat) and I only suffered some minor stiffness last night.

The accident could’ve been a lot worse.  The van could have rolled as we went down the embankment. I could have hit the tree or telephone pole head-0n.  My baby’s carseat could have been on the driver’s side, which likely would’ve resulted in at least cuts and scraps from the branches that came into the van when the glass broke.  Suffice it to say — I think Jesus took the wheel. I’m thankful and feel very blessed, once again.

Several times in my past, something or someone has helped me put the holidays in perspective.  Two years ago, we got an amazing Christmas letter from a neighbor whose husband beat a terrible form of blood/bone cancer. When I read it, I took a deep breath, counted my blessings and vowed to try to appreciate the holidays as much as their family appreciates them.  Last year, I got an heartfelt letter from a friend who is raising three kids alone after her husband died from cancer the previous January.  Again, it reminded me to cling to those I hold dear and not sweat the small stuff.  Almost 10 years ago, one of my husband’s co-workers died in a car accident right before the holidays and just months after she’d married the love of her life. That one made me realize how important it is seize happiness and joy when it’s in front of you.

While my car accident isn’t nearly as dramatic as the above-mentioned events, it did help me adjust my attitude.

  • There have been some people who have really gotten on my nerves and under my skin lately.  (Insignificant)
  • My house isn’t as clean as it used to be.  (Totally insignificant)
  • I’m not done shopping. (I’m lucky to have money with which to shop)
  • Money is tighter. (My husband is employed, I’ve got freelance work and I’m not having to choose between food and heat)
  • My van is totaled and we may only get enough money from insurance to pay it off. (We have insurance and my DH was GREAT about the accident)

I am truly blessed. My three amazing kids and my husband are upstairs sleeping, which is where I’m headed when I’m done here. I will say my prayers of thanks before I close my eyes.

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    Dionna said,

    Oh man. I am so glad that you and your wee one are okay! I know that must have been terrifying. I worry that if I had to react quickly that I would overcorrect as well. It’s so easy to do. The important thing is that you are both safe and sound.

  2. 2

    abunslife said,

    I’m so glad you both were ok! I know just where you were…Strecker is curvy!! You are so right though….things like this and others, do help put everything into perspective. Too bad it takes scary or sad events to do that.

  3. 3

    newmomoldmom said,

    Thanks so much for your concern & well wishes. We’re all fine. I just finished telling a friend that although I’m bummed about having to find a new minivan for probably a lot more money than we’ll get from insurance, at least I’m not at a baby’s bedside at Children’s Hospital, or going back and forth to physical therapy, or worse. I’m blessed.

  4. 4

    […] my Christmas shopping in my new (used, but new to me) minivan. I wrote about totaling my Kia here. Now I’m sporting in a Honda Odyssey, which I’ve coveted for some time.  I’ll […]

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